Boxing Reaction Target Stick, Target Rotating Stick, Punch Speed Golfer, Strength Training

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  • It can be used by adults and children: the height can be adjusted freely, the whole family can use the low to 1.6 meters, and the high to 1.9 meters
  • Powerful swing and rebound 90 degrees: exercise reaction ability and dodge speed exercise is play, play is exercise
  • Solid foam ball head: The boxing ball is made of solid polyurethane, which is imitation of human flesh and has strong impact resistance and is not easily deformed.
  • Bold high-quality steel pipe: not easy to rust, not easy to break, strong and durable, freely adjustable in height, suitable for the whole family
  • Reinforced injection molding base: suitable for a variety of floors, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, wood floors, cement floors



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Product description


Product Name: Boxing Speed Ball,boxing reflex bag
Ball color: red/black
Material: Just bold/ABS/solid inner liner
Adjustable height: 160-190 cm
Function: physical fitness, puzzle and decompression
Use environment: all ground
Stability: The base can be filled with water and sand

◆ Features
- Easy to Set Up & Store
- Reasonable Rebound Speed with Steel Spring
- Sturdy Base
- Low Noise
- Durable & Easy Cleaning Punching Ball

● Installation
You could fill in the base with sand by a funnel.
● Operation
Before working out with a reflex bag, put some hand wraps and gloves on. It’s important that your knuckles are protected at all times.
● Maintainance
Wipe it down frequently to keep moisture off the material so that it will last longer.