Giiker Electronic Speed Cube i3S by Xiaomi - Real time Puzzle Sync with Application

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About this item

  • ✔Excellent electronic smart cube to time solves, learn, and challenge the world.
  • ✔Built in tutorial to learn "HOW TO SOLVE MAGIC SPEED CUBE" for beginners and advanced solvers.
  • ✔Mobile App for connecting the cube, tips, timing solves, and more. Best cube with global rankings
  • ✔Giiker speed cube made with ABS material has perfect dimension and specification for cube solver
  • ✔Giiker produced durable, smooth turning, and fast speed cubes.


Product description


The Giiker Cube is the world’s first smart 3×3 speed cube. It features bluetooth sensors in the center caps that allow you to wirelessly track the state of your cube as your turn it. Stickering scheme is the traditional colors! The app has guides as well as games and other fun things you can do with your new smart cube! Makes a great gift!


APP Guide, Restore in 30s

Built-in GiiKER patent CUBE-SYNC? synchronization module Connect to APP, synchronize the state, automatically calculate the fastest path and guide in real time

Personal Cube Teacher

Download the GiiKER APP, connect the cube via bluetooth, automatically generate the real-time guide to solve.

* There are 9 courses totally in APP, each of which can be mastered in about 10 minutes, and the next course can be entered after passing the test. The normal study time of 8 hours is enough.

Smart Timing

Say goodbye to traditional timer, intelligent advanced training mode Record time, steps, speed and solution accurately Help players improve their skills scientifically

Package Included:
1 x Advanced Super Cube i3s
1 x Headset Shape Charger
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

Wireless connection : Bluetooth 4.0
Battery : 3.7v lithium battery
Charging interface : Micro USB
Charging time : 1 hour
Life time : 30 hours
Support system : Android 4.4 or above / iOS 8.0 or above
App Language(s) : English and Chinese

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